Mitigation of Water Stress through new Approaches to Integrating Management, Technical, Economic and Institutional Instruments
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List of pubblications 2005-09

During the realization of the project, numerous papers, posters and presentations have been prepared, and printed/presented in the technical and scientific journals and books as well as in the occasion of the conferences and other events carried out not only in Europe but also in the neighbouring regions.

All the references listed in this database are coming from the AquaStress Annual Activity Reports, Annex A - sub-sections A.2.2 - A2.2.3.

A tentative of a complete list of publications has been made. The available documents are classified by year (according to the related annual report in which they were included) as well as by typology (papers in scientific journals, Conference papers and presentations). The publications presented in this section are the sole responsibility of the Author(s) and do not represent the opinion of the European Commission, nor is the European Commission responsible for any use that might be made of the information appearing there.





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The Final Activity Report and the Final Plan for using and disseminating the knowledge are now available on the AquaStress Project website.

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AquaStress Final Conference and Stakeholders Workshop

AquaStress Final Conference and Stakeholders Workshop (Lisbon, PT, 21-23 January 2009) - PARTICIPANTS LIST

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Integrated Solution Support System (I3S) evaluation workshop

Integrated Solution Support System (I3S) evaluation workshop

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